What Avatar Character Are You?

Ah akhirnya ketemu juga kuis ini… yang katanya bisa ngebandingin sifat kita dengan para tokoh yang ada di pelem Avatar

Tapi… hard-core earthbender? bukannya hard-core cuman ada di pelem b*k*p??

You scored as Toph, the Eyes, Your Result: Toph. Like Toph, you’re a strong and outgoing person. You like to keep secrets about yourself, making you unpredictable! Also, you like to be independant, making your own choices and your own decisions. Most important, you’re a hard-core earthbender!

“Even though I was born blind, I’ve never had a problem seeing, I see with earthbending”

Toph, the Eyes
Katara, the Voice
Aang, the Savior
Sokka, the Mind
Zuko, the Soul

What Avatar Character are you?
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6 thoughts on “What Avatar Character Are You?”

  1. gw dah ikutan kuisna hasilnya gw Katara rada ga yakin gitu hehehehehe

    What Avatar Character are you?
    You scored as a Katara, the Voice
    Your result: Katara. Like Katara, you fight for what you believe in and try to hold everyone together during tough times. You be yourself and encourage others to do the same. Most importantly, you have the bravery of a waterbender! — “But I haven’t lost hope”
    Katara, the Voice

  2. nyanyi apaan? the voice itu ga selamanya penyanyi bisa jadi moderator sebuah seminar ato pengkritik orang2 narsis yang bikin blog senarsis dirinya 😀

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