Prinsip Analisis Candlestick dalam VPA

Principle #1
The length of any wick, either to the top or bottom of the candle is ALWAYS the first point of focus because it instantly reveals, impending strength, weakness, and indecision, and more importantly, the extent of any associated market sentiment.

Principle #2
If no wick is created, then this signals strong market sentiment in the direction of the closing price.

Principle #3
A narrow body indicates weak market sentiment. A wide body represents strong market sentiment.

Principle #4
A candle of the same type will have a completely different meaning depending on where it appears in a price trend. Always reference the candle to the location within the broader trend, or in the consolidation phase.

Principle #5
Volume validates price. Start with the candle, then look for validation or anomalies of the price action by the volume bar.

Anna Coulling – A Complete Guide to Voice Price Analysis.